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Looks Are Deceiving… April 13, 2017

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i’m a SERIOUS fan of Stephen A & the NBA, but this argument that floats about a notion that the game seems to be lacking a competitive edge… nah. every single playoff matchup is even (W-L), every single matchup (2017 regular season head-to-head matchup outcome snapshots below).

moreover, the argument is strong in identifying strongly differing talent-sets in each star player in the Game, but blame the rosters & the schemes, not the individuals. no one player has ever won the chip alone. none, never happened. the players on the rosters that can compete for the chip, in fact DO compete for it – and aggressively. it just seems otherwise to us.


Good To See Inside Stuff with KG November 3, 2013

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(That rhymed, just saying)

I was a big fan of the Ahmad version and don’t expect  any less greatness from Kristen & Grant. She makes him look good. Real good. What a beautiful surprise. 😉

After this first interview of Grant’s with the intensely beloved KG (K-Boogie!) , it looks like they’re off to a great start: http://www.nba.com/video/channels/nba_tv/2013/11/02/20131102-insidestuff-garnett.nba

Keep up the good work. Good stuff. 🙂