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Looks Are Deceiving… April 13, 2017

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i’m a SERIOUS fan of Stephen A & the NBA, but this argument that floats about a notion that the game seems to be lacking a competitive edge… nah. every single playoff matchup is even (W-L), every single matchup (2017 regular season head-to-head matchup outcome snapshots below).

moreover, the argument is strong in identifying strongly differing talent-sets in each star player in the Game, but blame the rosters & the schemes, not the individuals. no one player has ever won the chip alone. none, never happened. the players on the rosters that can compete for the chip, in fact DO compete for it – and aggressively. it just seems otherwise to us.


RE: Kobe Bryant Says He Was an ‘Idiot’ During Feud With Shaquille O’Neal August 30, 2015

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Losing that 4th (in-a-row) ring cost Shaq his extension, like a bad bet placed on whether or not the Lakers could challenge the Bulls, MJ dynasty excellence. With that loss, the Lakers didn’t want to pay Shaq for the extension he wanted – and the mind games that had ensued during the season began to roar with the only outcome being to pay only 1 of those 2 in LA. Period. We fans and media junkies were dumb and speculative about it then (not all of us), no reason to stay dumb now. That lack of payment to Shaq publicly unleashed the common PR media strategy of “Who’s The Man in LA” rhetoric that Dwight and other stars now skip like hopscotch, and it’s making that Shaq extension money look like peanuts compared to what it’s costing the Lakers now. How so? Opportunity costs. Imagine if the mind games quell after the Lakers win the 4th title:

  • Kobe might have 6 rings to match MJ’s six yet he (Kobe) would stand alone at having won 4 in-a-row. As such, Kobe might be able to trump MJ in the GOAT convo – fairly.
  • Shaq exits rightly with pride instead of angst.
  • Dwight enters rightly with inspiration instead of angst.
  • Kobe is undoubtedly The Man of the era, and
  • LAK’s rebuilding process is as excellently invisible as we have all been spoiled to expect out of LAK brass for years.

Now ask yourself… how much did that extension really cost?

It’s always money when there’s dumb ish happening. Always.

NBA Basketball Is Too Black (Again) October 27, 2010

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I read this wonderful article by True Hoop contributor, Zach Harper, and immediately smelled the same funk coming out of the NBA summer rule book this year as I had last year:  Players can’t talk about techs, but we can.

I don’t know that I necessarily agree with the actual policy the league is implementing, but I do know I can respect the spirit behind it.

Game 7 of the LAL vs BOS series saw bball tv popularity reach levels not seen since #23 torched Utah for his second three-peat.  So why more behavior policing – now?  I think NBA Basketball is still too Black.  Again. The only reason these behavior policing policies on millionaires is acceptable to even the most common of us is because we believe we’re watching savages make more money than us and we want to tighten the leash on them. It’s easy to forget these are rich, powerful, adult men, isn’t it?

Another question(s): With all these "Good of the Game" policies being introduced (ironically as punishments), shouldn’t there be some measurable positive impact on the game that comes along with the policy’s introduction? Meaning, if a politician raises your taxes then he typically has to justify what’s he’s trying to pay and why paying that is better for you than you keeping your money – right? Well, what bill is the NBA trying to pay? Who said the current bill was too high? And finally, do you ever get your money (freedom) back?

Doesn’t really matter though. Us Blacks won’t do anything about it anyway.

Who Knew#2: TNT’s NBA Overtime Is On The Web! December 20, 2008

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I’m not the biggest Charles Barkley fan, but the collective of Charles, Kenny Smith, Ernie (last name?) and whomever else guests with them during bball games is most often light fun and entertaining.  I happened to be up late watching the Cavs at the Nuggets and decided to actually visit the NBA.com link like the announcers promoted to see what kind of video they had there.  Most of what was there was clips, and most of those clips I had already seen; but when I looked a little deeper in the cliplist, I found almost 30 minutes of TNT Overtime coverage online:  http://www.nba.com/video/channels/tnt_overtime/2008/12/18/nba_20081218_insidenba.nba/index.html?player=tnt_overtime.  Nice suprise for a hoops addict like myself.

Why Doesn’t The NBA Discipline Management Like It Does Players? November 27, 2008

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It’s no secret I love the NBA. Common knowledge. As such, I’ve been following the soap opera Stephon Marbury and the Mike D’A + the Knick Brass have been starring in regarding his playing time in the last year of his contract. I’m definitely not a Marbury fan, but I do think he’s an unquestioned, elite NBA talent who did the right thing with his Starbury shoe & apparel line; so for a fan like me, this whole situation is really, really unfortunate.

The latest episode of the drama finds Starbury seeming to refuse to play after the Knicks Brass made roster changes that left the team depleted and unable to suit the NBA-minimum number of players for a game to be played: http://blogs.nypost.com/sports/knicks/archives/2008/11/starbury_to_mik.html.

Why blog this? Because the Stern+the NBA Brass play “daddy” whenever players conduct displays a less than professional image for the NBA, but when owners and management do the same, they play mum. Believe it or not, I’m a HUGE David Stern fan. I think he’s done incredible things with moving the game forward in all its aspects. But I always thought it was a slippery slope for the NBA to start managing GROWN MEN’S choices in fashion in the name of “a better NBA”. Now that they have, why does it stop with the players? Where’s Stern now? This soap opera needs to be cancelled. Asap. None of this foolishness needs to be in my NBA rss feeds. I certainly would rather have read about some ridiculous bling-bling dripping off some 7th man’s neck rather than read about how continues to whine about the public dissing Mike D’A+Walsh do on the regular by not keeping this situation private and handled.

Stern step in. Please. And handle the business the Knicks can’t. Or won’t. The fans will thank you for it. We might even buy tix to Knicks games.

On second thought…