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Looks Are Deceiving… April 13, 2017

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i’m a SERIOUS fan of Stephen A & the NBA, but this argument that floats about a notion that the game seems to be lacking a competitive edge… nah. every single playoff matchup is even (W-L), every single matchup (2017 regular season head-to-head matchup outcome snapshots below).

moreover, the argument is strong in identifying strongly differing talent-sets in each star player in the Game, but blame the rosters & the schemes, not the individuals. no one player has ever won the chip alone. none, never happened. the players on the rosters that can compete for the chip, in fact DO compete for it – and aggressively. it just seems otherwise to us.


RE: Kobe Bryant Says He Was an ‘Idiot’ During Feud With Shaquille O’Neal August 30, 2015

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Losing that 4th (in-a-row) ring cost Shaq his extension, like a bad bet placed on whether or not the Lakers could challenge the Bulls, MJ dynasty excellence. With that loss, the Lakers didn’t want to pay Shaq for the extension he wanted – and the mind games that had ensued during the season began to roar with the only outcome being to pay only 1 of those 2 in LA. Period. We fans and media junkies were dumb and speculative about it then (not all of us), no reason to stay dumb now. That lack of payment to Shaq publicly unleashed the common PR media strategy of “Who’s The Man in LA” rhetoric that Dwight and other stars now skip like hopscotch, and it’s making that Shaq extension money look like peanuts compared to what it’s costing the Lakers now. How so? Opportunity costs. Imagine if the mind games quell after the Lakers win the 4th title:

  • Kobe might have 6 rings to match MJ’s six yet he (Kobe) would stand alone at having won 4 in-a-row. As such, Kobe might be able to trump MJ in the GOAT convo – fairly.
  • Shaq exits rightly with pride instead of angst.
  • Dwight enters rightly with inspiration instead of angst.
  • Kobe is undoubtedly The Man of the era, and
  • LAK’s rebuilding process is as excellently invisible as we have all been spoiled to expect out of LAK brass for years.

Now ask yourself… how much did that extension really cost?

It’s always money when there’s dumb ish happening. Always.

– -Code monkey December 6, 2014

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“King Kong ain’t got stuff on me!”, said Curious George to the man in the orangutan hat. 🙂

Analyze this. No code monkey!

Q: We have all this data, now what? December 6, 2014

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A:  “Happy Birthday!”


I wanted to post this great article about there being no clear intent for having all this data available nor how to use it – more for keepsake than anything.  It might be that demand will dictate exactly what is needed and in that process will be born – something you couldn’t have predicted anyway.

Just build it.

My Digital Heart On My Sleeve – for real. December 5, 2014

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Fitness bands, smart watches, Bluetooth heart rate monitor watches, etc? Might be something to this.

Fit tech stuff


Gmail + Calendar+smarts = Inbox November 25, 2014

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I suck at remembering and finding ways to recall important emails that sink into the wild recesses of my inbox, and I don’t have a calendar app I’d rely on to get me a needed notification in my “natural, organic” current workflows.  Translation:  I forget, uh, “stuff”.  The problem is, I normally have a message in my inbox (or task in my calendar), but it has gotten lost in the jungles that are my inbox and calendar default views.  There is a lot of chatter in both. Obviously.

Enter Google’s new Inbox app (“church chimes play in the background”)!


Inbox does a bunch of stuff:  bundling, reminders, snoozing, etc., but the most important feature (to me) is how it puts priority messages at the top of your view and allows you to PIN them there, so they don’t fall out of view.  For me, this is fantastic (details below).  Bottom line, Inbox does what I need in this regard:  keep my important messages at the top of my default inbox view.  I probably check my inbox several times per hour during my normal work and home workflows, so it works great for me to be able to see pinned messages several times during the day. Works for me. Thank G-ness.

Details:  I got a message in my iPhone Gmail app’s inbox from a first-time sender that was really important containing a timed event that I wanted to attend.  I read the message moved it to my Primary tab and starred it.  I did not add it to my Calendar because it was less than 36 hours away from the event’s start time and I thought that might have been redundant. I know, I know – but work with me here, I’m trying to tell a story. 🙂  Well needless to say, I got a zillion Priority messages during those 36 hours and the valued message all but disappeared – and I missed the event’s start time. 😦

  • “Why not just have searched for your Starred mail item?”  I forgot I’d starred it, and I actually rarely ever use the Star search for timely stuff.
  • “Why not label it?”  I actually rarely ever use the label searches for timely stuff.
  • “Why not use %AppX% that allows you to forward messages to your own email addy and it creates a reminder for you?”  Shut up. 🙂

AI’s Retirement Taught Me The Truth I Already Knew About Coaching. The Answer. Forever. March 2, 2014

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I wasn’t always an AI fan. I had to be convinced that his tough, seemingly selfish style of play was actually making his team better. Tougher. Worthy of being contended with. Captivating. And while I was a rookie in the research & development department of a big company, it was a 50-something, white PHD who made the argument for AI. For real. When I’m focused as an NBA fan, I watch the game away from the ball – and I enjoy that part of the game more, sometimes more than the on-the-ball stuff. After beefing with the PHD at the water cooler over why the Sixers weren’t more competitive, the PHD told me to watch the other players when AI was doing his thing. He said…

“Watch them. Watch how they react to what he’s doing. Watch how they move with confidence around the ball. It’s syncopated. Isn’t it? Tilt your head, and watch it again. George Lynch was a beast in the Carolinas. McKie was a monster at Temple. E Snow ran the show in Seattle. How are they all on the same page and those repeated acts of syncopation not be calculated? Right? Believe me now?  Of course you do. Now if it’s syncopated, then it’s extremely likely – that someone is orchestrating that.”

“Oh”, says the rookie.  🙂

I’m paraphrasing, of course. PHD’s don’t talk like that. But you get the point:  teamwork, talent, coaching. It’s planning & execution. Brilliant. Beautiful. You got me, doc.  So I started watching the Sixers differently. On a new tilt. And I learned how to love how they danced. The whole squad. It was a dance. I saw it. I wasn’t alone. There were others.

I didn’t always enjoy the Sixers’ game, but I always rooted for the Sixers. Never not. Since Doc. Please. Nothing to talk about. But after taking that advice, I came to have a bigger respect for and became a bigger fan of AI after accepting his style and role on the team.  I became a fan of AI because of the adversity that seemed to seek him. I didn’t wear cornrows(rocked n a baldie). I have no tattoos(luv a tattoo story though). I don’t have a phat gold chain(me & my wallet are too subdued for that). I didn’t have that style that was sooooo prevalent for the times. But it wasn’t me. And I was cool with that and aware of my own personality. I was just as cool with AI doing his AI thing. I’m doing me. You do you. We have an understanding. But it seemed others didn’t. I didn’t want to understand that, but I did. So I became a fan of his. He was one carrying the NBA. I love the NBA. He was going through it. I became a fan of his. It was just that simple.

And I am sooooo glad that I did. Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PebOKdmOCM&feature=youtu.be&t=3m25s. Now recall how much adversity it seemed AI was going through at those time; then listen to his own words reflecting over those same moments:  “constructive criticism”. What the… What kind of banana in the tail pipe is this?! Amazing. It was his words that inspired me to post. He talks about those moments where fans of his (as I had become) would have gone against those going against him – as constructive times. Impossible. Real. AI. At times he seemed the embodiment of anti-establishment, a rebel. He was really just an exceptionally talented young dude learning the ropes in his own way from a seasoned, savvy veteran coach. He wasn’t going through it alone. They were going through it together. Teamwork. Dang. Sounds familiar.

Thank you, Sixers. Thank you, AI. Thank you for being a man. The man. Right in front of our faces. The right way.

Instagram for O… January 29, 2014

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Instagram for Office

Secure, enterprise cloud storage for business multimedia content.

Yeah, I said it. 🙂

‘Capital’: Cash Rules Everything Around Me November 3, 2013

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But not me? Me too? Never? Now?


Brilliant Charlie Rose interview of this filmmaker, Costa-Gavras (maker of ‘Z’ and more), which I caught the tail end of but enough to get inspired about this flick, ‘Capital’. It seems to be a movie about the inner turmoil CEO-wannabe’s will endure to get the almighty – whether they like it or not.


Must see. No diggity (that rhymed, just saying). Enjoy the show clip: http://www.bloomberg.com/video/costa-gavras-s-film-capital-charlie-rose-11-01-cfVun2mvQNWmXGaikz8sDQ.html

JKidd Battled June 10, 2013

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J Kidd never bballed like a redbone. 🙂 As a CA Bear, he zoomed at hyper-speed down the court and could crossover & blow by a defender without a pause in his handle. Impossible. But I saw it. I saw that stuff. Kidd played like he was from the bucket, like East Oakland or something. His game was fly like a high-top fade or blonde-dyed do with black socks. But it wasn’t cute. Kidd regulated. Managed. But without a whole lot of rah-rah on the court. No one thought the NJ Nets then would go from the lottery to the playoffs, while making it look easy. But the NJ Nets went to the Finals – twice. Impossible. Overlooked. But you saw it. You saw that stuff. Kidd’s speed, floor generalship, and handles made naysayers talk junk about his shooting prowess. His response? Becoming the guy with the 3rd most 3-pointers in NBA history. Yes, NBA history. You saw it. Got himself, Dirk & Cuban a ring just by controlling the flow. Impossible. But you saw it. You saw that stuff.  Three cheers for battling it and battling it and battling it well. It’s a privilege to have seen it and to have been a fan.