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Q: What did the C# developer say to the C developer complaining about C++? March 11, 2015

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Supporters argue that C++ provides a fine mix of C’s low-level aspects (looking at the compiled assembly code, etc.) while providing higher-level attributes found in today’s modern languages. Early in its development, C++ featured a standard template library (STL) with template classes such as vectors and maps, which allows for a certain level of generic programming. The STL allowed programmers to focus on applications-level tasks without having to write their own linked lists and other data structures every time.


A:  Next.


JustBuildItAlready Notes: “Step 1 – Start with the screens.” Whiskey then Tango then F# January 6, 2015

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The screens? Start with the screens? You’ve got to be kidding me! You mean it might be valuable to share a visual interpretation of the thing you’re going to build with stakeholders to attempt to foster their engagement in design discussions and collaborative conjecture before you actually start building it? That works?!

Who knew.

Let’s call the whole thing – software December 11, 2014

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Great article here sneakily about software quality, lifecycle development (over time) versus consumption that poses a question that used to make me crazy about how to write “good” software:  http://pressupinc.com/blog/2014/12/bad-software-succeeds/

The way out of bad software is deep alignment at all levels and from all stakeholders about what a given piece of software is looking to accomplish, who it will benefit, and what a “good” version of that software will be. When it’s reached that vision, everyone ends up thinking it’s good, not just the most important and powerful stakeholder whose vision is realized.

Sounds philosophical to me. And philosophers used to make me crazy. But now I’m just used to being crazy about whatever I like.  That’s my point.  Better said as a Q/A? Maybe.

  1. Q:  Why did nerds who had active blogs and were sharing their post and pics using it sign up for Facebook accounts? Or Live Space, Yahoo 360, and Blogger accounts, for that matter?
  2. (For music enthusiasts):
    #1 – An orchestra makes an album of fantastic classical music…
    #2- A kid buys FrootLoops or AutoTuneLoops or FruitPebbles or whatever recording app, makes a synth&bass tune and a catchy dance that Mickey Mouse does with Chuck E Cheese all on YouTube…
    Q: Which makes a sound in the forest when it drops?
  3. Q:  Finally, which do you like?  Did you buy that?

A: It’s relative. Tomato, potato either one you don’t like. Woohoo!  I guess.

Then again, I’m just an inmate in this makeshift asylum trying to run things.
And this is a wordpress blog. x,-D

If Microsoft Is Going To Be In The Dunk Contest, They Gotta Be Funky To Win. October 30, 2010

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I love Microsoft. Not luv, but love.  Microsoft set the bar high for personal computing and changed all our lives in ways we all easily take for granted now.  ‘Nuff said – about that.  With that said, I think lately Microsoft has been trying too hard to protect existing product lines by releasing “safe” products that look cool but don’t dazzle enough to impact the general public buzz enough to make people buy their stuff.  Here’s what I mean: http://www.geeks.com/pix/2010/HEOMCS_2UP3.html.  This is Android running on a 7 inch tablet.  Why isn’t that WP7?

Everyone knows why.  They’re cheap.  These tablets kinda lower the bar for personal computing, at least they lower the bar pricewise.  Everyone’s afraid of that.  That fear is killing Microsoft’s ability to be luved.  Microsoft’s R&D is suffering a PR battle right now.  It’s not real.  It’s perceived.  It’s perceived that Microsoft can’t make buzz-worthy products.  It’s ridiculous.  But it’s happening.  Microsoft wants to be sexy like Steve, and funky like Google.  They don’t want to be Bill anymore.  They want to be on the highlight reels of jacks like me and not be praised in well-researched, well-written, professional media about technology futures.  I guess I understand why that could matter to Microsoft.  Real media has written that Microsoft’s ability to stay positioned as THE preeminent software & technology company for consumers is at real risk.  But IF that’s true, then it’s hard to understand why Microsoft would not target WP7 to be the OS-of-choice for 7-inch, under $300 tablets in time for Black Friday and this Christmas season.  7-inch tablets are the next hot thing, the next Dunk Contest.  If you’re going to be in the Dunk Contest, why not try to win?  Nobody ever remembers any round other than the final round of the Dunk Contests, and only the winner really gets to walk away with his “swag” intact.  If 7-inch tablets are the latest Dunk Contest and IF Microsoft urgently needs to win a Dunk Contest to stay relevant, then not having WP7 on a 7-inch tablet for Christmas is practically unfathomable in a year when Steve’s iPad highlights are still buzzing and Google’s Android had a fantastic year of growth and at least made it to the Dunk Contest.

I know, I know – 7-inch tablets are too cheap.  They could tank laptop and desktop sales this Christmas.  I know this.  I’ve heard it all before when I opined about netbooks.  But just like netbooks, their cheap life will likely be short lived and they could create a new niche in the personal computing landscape.  A new, one trick pony, “disposable” pc appliance.  All these products will be long forgotten in 3-5 years.  Or at least they won’t be cool anymore.  Remember iPods?  Exactly.  Microsoft wasted all that energy to release Zune, a  more feature-rich product, just to compete with the iPod.  Well, the Zune was nice, maybe even “niiice”.  Yet not niiice enough to win the Dunk Contest, and after getting so much hype about having its own portable media player, it looked like Zune  & Microsoft lost that Dunk Contest.  That perceived loss really hurt Microsoft’s swag, and Apple’s swag went through the roof.  Even more important to this point of ‘Win the Dunk Contest if you’re going to be in it’:  Microsoft never added the killer feature to the Zune, the Zune phone feature.  The Zune teased with its network capabilities; every supporter frothed at the idea of a Zune Phone or at least the idea of having a portable media device that could connect & exchange with other users. Sadly & hurtfully, the Zune Phone was never to be.  And here’s the kicker – the missing Zune Phone feature WAS eventually developed, but not by Microsoft…  Ever heard of the iPhone?  Exactly.

Yet all in all, so what?  IMHO, I’m not sure if losing swag battles really matters for strong business’ long-term success.  IBM’s stock price looks great.  IBM is rolling as strong as ever.  Yet it seems only professional finance & tech bloggers, their followers, and folks with stock trading accounts love IBM.  There is no luv for Big Blue.  No luv, just love.  That’s the point, Microsoft seems to care about being luved.  They don’t want to become IBM (even if they already are well on their way).  They want to be sexy like Steve, and funky like Google.  They don’t want to be Bill anymore.  Sad for loyal followers like me, but we understand.  All nerds understand what Microsoft is going through.  Microsoft is trying to go from being nerds to being geeks.  Nerds subscribe.  Geeks date.  Lol (but serious).  Nerds want to analyze how to dunk so they understand how muscles accelerate and contribute power to the body segments during the ground contact phase of jumping.  Geeks just try to dunk, so they’ve read the abstract about that muscle acceleration, followed the blogger who tweeted about “Concept 1’s”, hit the treadmill HARD, and are trying to find some “Concept 1’s” just so they can dunk.  Dunking is about swag, and swag is hard work for real nerds.  Lol (but serious x2).

Whatever.  The point still is why didn’t Microsoft target WP7 to be the OS-of-choice for 7-inch, under $300 tablets in time for Black Friday and this Christmas season.  This is a BIG year (both economically and politically) to watch the Christmas season.  Change came with the amazing President Obama.  But change-back is looming.  Another topic at another time (maybe).  In any case, I think people could gobble up these 7-inch tablets the day after Thanksgiving Turkey Day, so why haven’t I seen WP7 running on one?  I don’t know.  I’m a first generation Zune owner (happily), but even I don’t know.  I have held off buying a smartphone and a tablet waiting to see what would be ready for Xmas, but I still don’t know.  What I do know is I’m probably going to buy a 7-in tablet for Xmas running something other than Windows Phone Series 7.  And that just feels like the wrong way to love.

I Should Have Known It Really Was All About The Music September 7, 2009

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Not the device.  Feeling kinda duped about this:

6a00d8341c505253ef011571215ee2970c-800wiWhile we are waiting for September 15 and the availability of the Zune HD, there is some bad news to report in regards to the impending death of all other Zune models.
According to Paul Thurrott, the Zune HD is going to emerge and in turn kill off all other models of the Zune.
"I met with the Zune folks today and one bit of information than I can discuss immediately is that the Zune HD will be the only device type going forward: The current Zune models, the Zune 8, 16 80, and 120, have all been discontinued." – http://www.cliczune.com/2009/09/say-it-isnt-so-all-zune-models-except-the-zune-hd-will-be-killed-off.html

When Microsoft’s focus switched to the Zune Pass (which is a GREAT product), from the Zune itself, it was only a matter of time before the Zune itself went on life support.  Microsoft has refocused on Windows Mobile now.  Apparently, Windows Mobile is the platform getting all the Zune Pass love now.  I had been holding out in hopes of a Zune Phone.  Hope abandoned.  Microsoft is making a risky choice.  The iPhone & iTunes stand alone as the best phone+music solution from a single provider now.  Plus, Napster is weak, not dead.  Best Buy owns them now.  AND Napster is still bigger than every other online music AND still offers the cheapest subscriptions AND is compatible with a ton of popular PMP’s already.  Risky.  I’m betting new Napster commercials start showing up any day now… 

Be warned:  Don’t use your real plastic to sign up for Napster.  Use a prepaid and do not use your real SSN.  Their customer service was INCREDIBLY bad when I tried to unsubscribe:

  • They kept charging me for months after I cancelled. 
  • They kept me on hold for over an hour. 
  • They never sent me my free player.

(sigh)  Who needs the hassle.  Where’s the closest AT&T store?  Or should I wait for Verizon?

Smiley #003 September 7, 2009

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d-_-b = Listening to music

Flag Offensive Yahoo Hearts! Participants June 28, 2009

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At times when I have 5-10 minute to pass or to take my mind off some other task, I play Yahoo Hearts!. There’s nothing worse than playing at a Hearts! table with a genius who uses that 5-10 minutes to curse out, stall or make the 5-10 minutes of fun become 15-30 minutes of foolishness and unnecessary drama. Recently I was unfortunate to get stuck in a game with one such genius, but I got lucky when I learned that another player at the Table knew a thing or two about software, and Java in particular. We exchanged contact info and started talking about how relatively simple it would be for the existing Hearts! table user interface to be augmented to:

  • Allow players at a table to flag other participants at the table who displayed unwelcome behavior and
  • Track the number of tables that player has been flagged.

Since our brainstorming, mock-ups have been made and an online petition has been started. The mock-ups are attached to this entry and the online petition was submitted at PetitionOnline.com. I don’t have the URL for the petition yet, but I’ll update this post when I do. The petition will used to support an enhancement request to implement the Flagging feature. It will be interesting to see how this develops. 🙂

I Can’t Afford To Make Dumb Purchases December 20, 2008

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I like to say I’m a person who spends his money as efficiently as possible.  You might call it being cheap.  Lol.  I don’t mind.  Smart spending isn’t a bad thing no matter how much you have in my book.  In any case, I was confronted that I was being phony with my complaints about how expensive the iPhone is when my own cell phone’s monthly plan is $100.  “Touché.”  What the confront-er did not take into account was the details of the initial cost of my cell phone and what I get for that $100.

Almost 2 years ago, I bought a Helio Ocean and loved it.  Then (2 years ago) and now the Ocean:
  • is a dual slider with both a qwerty keyboard and a standard phone keypad
  • plays audio files
  • plays video files
  • takes pics
  • shoots video
  • accesses the internet
  • has Yahoo Mail, GMail and Hotmail apps
  • has Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger apps
  • has a great You Tube app
  • records voice memos
  • sends voice memos via SMS or email
  • has GPS
  • plays card games (like Spades!) and classic arcades game (like Centipede!)
  • etc.

The Ocean is and always has been LOADED with features.  Sharing the details about its feature are for another blog, another reason (ABAR); but the features and the price of the device AND the device’s plan made it a no-brainer choice for me.  I purchased my Ocean for $149 and selected an all-you-can-eat unlimited voice AND UNLIMITED data plan for $99.  I did feel compelled to modify my landline service (ABAR) to accommodate the higher plan costs, but considering my new plan had unlimited voice, I didn’t have any home phone concerns.  I recognized then that it wasn’t the coolest device, but it easily satisfied all my needs.  The coolest device at the time was the iPhone.  Do you recall what the iPhone cost 2 years ago?  $600.  Yes,  six hundred Sam Fram dollars when there were very, very good cell phones available at that time for FREE.  Another question:  do you know how much voice and data plans for the iPhone cost 2 years ago?  Me neither.  Lol.  But I do recall doing a little research at the time and remember being surprised that AT&T didn’t even offer an unlimited data plan for less than $100 alone.  Couple those monthly data costs with the additional costs of an unlimited voice plan and it immediately became obvious that it was totally infeasible to buy an iPhone given the features I needed in a phone – whether I could afford to buy one or not.  I just couldn’t make buying an iPhone make sense to me given the other choices available.  In spite of that, I still went and test drove one.  I know, I know – I couldn’t resist.  The iPhone wasn’t just cool, it was geek chic cool too.  Products like that don’t come along often.  Again, I couldn’t resist.  So I fought through the crowds and took the test drive.  Honestly, I just wasn’t impressed enough to get past the price tag.  Although me and my “girthy” fingers hated the touch screen, the iPhone was a really solid device with a great viewing screen.  Everything it did it did superbly.  It was a really nouveau device, but I just couldn’t get into the hype.  I think I came into the test expecting much more out of the web experience and the music experience than I should have.  Other than iTunes, there really wasn’t much more the iPhone offered to either experience than I had already seen.  Furthermore, at that time when no one was scared or cared about the RIAA, I was still in bed with Napster and hoping Clarence Thomas couldn’t live without his radio.  iTunes just didn’t do it for me.   The iPhone was a good device and far, far more than just aight.  It just wasn’t a device I could justify buying whether I could actually afford to make the purchase or not.

To refocus, this entry is not about the iPhone, nor about comparing the iPhone to the Ocean, nor about how my monthly charges have NEVER spiked because of any surfing|downloading|video uploading I’ve done.  This entry is about making it clear that I want to make my dollars make sense.  As a working stiff, I don’t think it should be any other way.  If I’m wrong, teach me better over dinner at Damon’s.  I’m buying.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants to watch hoops & play trivia.  Besides, I’ve got a year old Damon’s gift card that I want to make sure doesn’t evaporate.
ps – fyi:  Helio actually has an Ocean vs. iPhone comparison chart here:  http://compare.helio.com/


Should Bailouts Come With Exec Pink Slips Or Coupons? December 7, 2008

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Here’s one of the reasons I’m really skeptical about federal bailouts for publicly owned companies:

“AT&T to Cut 12,000 Jobs as Landline Losses Grow”

That headline & article raised a few questions in me:

  • Since Caller-ID, can you remember the last time your landline brought you significant new utility?
  • If you’re over 25, is Caller-ID useful for anything other than phone-SPAM (aka telemarketers)?
  • Is phone-SPAM a problem on your cell phone?
  • Since you bought your cell phone, hasn’t your landline usage declined considerably?
  • Has your landline bill declined considerably too?
  • Isn’t AT&T the one and only carrier for the wonderful iPhone?
  • Don’t you want an iPhone?
  • Even though Apple graciously dropped the price of an iPhone to a mere $300, as a person who works for a living don’t you still have a hard time justifying paying $300 for a cell phone – particularly when netbooks and some laptops are priced the same?
  • Don’t you still want an iPhone?

What’s my point?  AT&T invests in what they choose to, and they chose to not invest in fortifying the utility in their landline business.  Over the years, AT&T never chose to package a mobile<->landline bundle that would easily hypnotize consumers into holding on to their rarely used landlines.  If they did offer a bundle, I never saw it.  You know who I remember offering home phone service bundles?  Comcast.  Comcast execs almost single-handedly re-coined the word “bundle” when offering their cable, ISP, VoIP phone services.  As a matter of fact, The Slowskys have their own website now:  http://theslowskys.com.  You know who else was after home phone business these past few years – Vonage.  Vonage attacked the home phone business with aggressive promotions and advertising.  They were a company no one heard of a few years ago.  I doubt there are many reading this who don’t know about them now.  I also doubt Comcast and Vonage are losing money on their phone service businesses.  I could be wrong, but I honestly don’t care if I am.  I don’t want to have to care about the year-to-year financials and inner workings of a business I am not invested in that sells products I can’t afford to own and don’t need.

My point echoes:  businesses have choices in how they serve consumers their value.  It’s a relationship.  Consumers buy stuff.  Businesses supply good stuff to buy.  It’s a rocky relationship, but it’s the best in the capitalist world.  Ironically, I read it was AT&T’s Bell Labs that actually proposed the “cellular” (phone) system to the FCC decades ago.  Had they known that, they might have given their iPhone a new name – Oedipus.  In any case, it seems to me AT&T (and other landline home phone services providers) rested on their laurels and thought home phone service was a commodity that people would continue to pay for just because they always had.  I could be wrong with my assumption, but regardless I would rather not have to deal with the guilt that comes from headlines about major business’ bad decisions leading to a bunch of fellow little guys losing our jobs.  I wish somebody would have decided to instead place an ad for an iPhone<->homePhone deal.  I might have bought it.

Todo: Finish the ‘Auto-off switch’ project for toilet December 6, 2008

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I know this eye-cam sounds creepy but oddly cool too:

Filmmaker hopes to replace false eye with webcam, become a superhero

Hey, when Life gives you lemons…  Three rooms at home.  YouTube flood.