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Funny – to me. :D October 27, 2011

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The ‘Places’ section had me rolling thinking “Someone actually documented this.” 
Whomever you are, wherever you are …

I love you. Lol.


Enjoy – woohoo!  Open-mouthed smile


If You’re In The Picture By Yourself Then It’s Ok? December 20, 2008

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My Sweetie is, uh, conservative.  Asking her to do things that are, uh, out of the norm is usually out of the question.  Nuff said.  Together we were watching VH1’s “Real Chance At Love” reality show.  I know, I know – but we were flicking channels as we finished lunch on our way out the door to start our Saturday afternoon:

Act 4

The Parent Trip: Act 4

Anyway, the show is of The Bachelor’s ilk where one character picks from a collection of suitors after going through a collection of staged scenarios with the potential suitors.  We stumbled onto the show as one of the suitors (named “MILF”) was confessing to her Bachelor’s (named “Real”) parents that she had done soft porn in her past.  I almost choked on my turkey hoagie(!) and couldn’t wait to hear My Sweetie’s feelings about her confession.  Remember,  My Sweetie is not liberally minded, particularly not about matters of hanky panky.  I almost choked twice when she asked me if I could google her.  In 2.65542 seconds, I grabbed my laptop, opened a browser and had the Image Search results for “Ahmo Hight” (nevermind how I knew MILF’s real name).  Well, we started sifting through the results and found some, uh, quite intriguing images.  I was sure that once we’d seen the images that My Sweetie would be reading MILF the riot act (via my ears).  Shock #3.  Sweets not only wasn’t fuming after seeing the first risque photos, shock #3 came when she said “Well, she does have a bathing suit on”.  I couldn’t believe it!  I thought my uber-conservative sweetheart was DEFINITELY going to go off after seeing tons of pictures of a scantily clad woman out there for the world to see.  Wrong.  Unbelieveable.  So I had to reconfigure my search defaults to NOT filter, uh, grownup stuff.  I did.  And then I re-performed the search…

BING!  BING!  BING!  Gotcha.  The unfiltered search results got the response I had always expected from Sweets.  “Umm, is that her on the right?” she asked.   “Which one?  There’s a bunch of girls in that banner,” I replied smirking.  She says back “The one holding the…”  Nuff said.  ROFL!!!  I was almost in tears from laughing.  “No, that’s her in the middle without any…”  Nuff said.  More laughter from me.  Finally, finally my Sweets’ ranting begins (I think it was my laughing that finally triggered it):

  • “Ain’t no way I’d want a woman with all her stuff all out for the whole world to see!”
  • “There are plenty of jobs out there.  Why do you have to do that?!”
  • “Ain’t enough money in the world.  I’d work at McDonald’s first.  Well, not McDonald’s.  Maybe Macy’s.” Laughing
  • “How are you going to be on TV trying to find a man and the man can go right to his computer and see you %pleasuring% another man?!”

There was so much more.  All of it completely hilarious to me.  The funniest thing is she thinks I’m ridiculous for finding it funny.  I tried to tell her it’s the irony of how common this whole thing is contrasted against how uncommon she thought it should be that makes me laugh.

She just looks at me stupid.

So I laughed some more.  ROFL!