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Clippers need an Oakley(s) October 20, 2014

Posted by geek-ish.com in Hoops.
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Blake Griffin embarrasses others. Easily.  As a result, others stop playing bball and start playing tough. It’s all fake tough-ish and usually fake tough ish just enough to try to keep Blake from embarrassing the others and off his game.  The argument pro his not retaliating is always the same… “Take one for the team.”

“On one hand, everybody tells me to do something; on the other hand, people tell me to not complain and to play ball,” Griffin said.

Well, since the pro argument is controversial, how bout some con? How bout the team picking up one of those real dudes who will check you for your fake tough-ish nonsense? Blake is too valuable to lose? Find someone who nobody wants to receive 6 fouls from and assign him ‘Check that’ duty. Leaving Blake on an island makes the Clips look like all that nonsense is ok – and they matter way too much for nonsense to be even thinkable when playing against them. They are potential NBA champs for real. All nonsense aside. This is chess, not checkers. Y’all really can bball, and they ain’t really trying to bball.

Check that. Play bball. Please. I love this game way too much. Woohoo!