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‘Capital’: Cash Rules Everything Around Me November 3, 2013

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But not me? Me too? Never? Now?


Brilliant Charlie Rose interview of this filmmaker, Costa-Gavras (maker of ‘Z’ and more), which I caught the tail end of but enough to get inspired about this flick, ‘Capital’. It seems to be a movie about the inner turmoil CEO-wannabe’s will endure to get the almighty – whether they like it or not.


Must see. No diggity (that rhymed, just saying). Enjoy the show clip: http://www.bloomberg.com/video/costa-gavras-s-film-capital-charlie-rose-11-01-cfVun2mvQNWmXGaikz8sDQ.html


Good To See Inside Stuff with KG November 3, 2013

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(That rhymed, just saying)

I was a big fan of the Ahmad version and don’t expect  any less greatness from Kristen & Grant. She makes him look good. Real good. What a beautiful surprise. 😉

After this first interview of Grant’s with the intensely beloved KG (K-Boogie!) , it looks like they’re off to a great start: http://www.nba.com/video/channels/nba_tv/2013/11/02/20131102-insidestuff-garnett.nba

Keep up the good work. Good stuff. 🙂

Just Keep Winning, Just Keep Winning November 3, 2013

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The tanking 76ers are 3-0. Who knew? Who cares. Just keep winning!  If that’s the tank, then these fish are OFF THE HOOK! Hats off to the fish! Fishtown, stand up!

Ok, ok – I’m back. 😉


City of undefeated basketballhttp://sports.yahoo.com/video/bulls-vs-sixers-031209345.html