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JKidd Battled June 10, 2013

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J Kidd never bballed like a redbone. 🙂 As a CA Bear, he zoomed at hyper-speed down the court and could crossover & blow by a defender without a pause in his handle. Impossible. But I saw it. I saw that stuff. Kidd played like he was from the bucket, like East Oakland or something. His game was fly like a high-top fade or blonde-dyed do with black socks. But it wasn’t cute. Kidd regulated. Managed. But without a whole lot of rah-rah on the court. No one thought the NJ Nets then would go from the lottery to the playoffs, while making it look easy. But the NJ Nets went to the Finals – twice. Impossible. Overlooked. But you saw it. You saw that stuff. Kidd’s speed, floor generalship, and handles made naysayers talk junk about his shooting prowess. His response? Becoming the guy with the 3rd most 3-pointers in NBA history. Yes, NBA history. You saw it. Got himself, Dirk & Cuban a ring just by controlling the flow. Impossible. But you saw it. You saw that stuff.  Three cheers for battling it and battling it and battling it well. It’s a privilege to have seen it and to have been a fan.