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Syncing like that (again): Google+ March 23, 2013

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I just, just posted about how impressive it was to have Google update all my email clients (laptop & mobile) with the live draft I was writing on 1 of those clients. Well, today I just, just was using Google Plus to invite a friend to participate in a vino stream I’m planning to start as my Gmail client (page) was open in another browser tab.  When they replied to my chat, I heard the familiar audio notification from the SMS chat module (labs) in the Gmail tab and yup, you guessed it – both the Plus chat and the SMS chat module had all the history of the chat in sync.

Without saying, keeping THIS backstreet boy in sync is no easy task. Tough. 
And so NICE! Thanks, G!


Syncing like that: Google March 21, 2013

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I use Google Voice to text (via email) from my pc. I know, I know – but 140 chars from a real keyboard versus a mobile input source is child’s play. 😉 Anyway, I was typing my email reply to a text on my pc about some Hawaii pix, checked a notification on my phone, went back to my pc, and sent the email message at my pc. The whole interrupt took 15-30 seconds at most. While checking the notification on my mobile, I also noticed a draft of an SMS email message there that was addressed to the same recipient I was actually writing to on my pc – but didn’t think anything of it then.  After I went back to check the draft on my mobile, I saw that draft contained identical content to the draft of the message I had been writing on my pc. I had to look at the message twice just to be sure it wasn’t deja vu all over again, but it wasn’t. It seems Google had actually updated all of my email clients, not just the local client, with the email draft content – as I was writing it. Most impressive.

Maybe that was an aloha Wave? Hmm.
Nice, G!

LoJack for Laptops. Hmm. March 8, 2013

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Absolute Software | How LoJack for Laptops works – Laptop Security – Laptop Tracking.

Sounds right. Watching this.