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Rhapsody for the Bohemian music listener – for me, for ME, FOR ME! December 31, 2012

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Buying music has changed so much so fast recently that I really had forgotten how much fun “discovering” new music can be. I was one of those boneheads who actually paid for a music subscription some time ago so that I could browse different artists, tracks, and genres just to see if I could find something I like. Well now that most music is seen first and purchased almost exclusively on the web, I had forgotten how it was to just have a lil cash and go find some new sounds. Until recently, that is.

I was online browsing and trying to buy a track from Tamia and ended up learning that both T.I. and Big Boi new albums out. While browsing both their albums, I stumbled into 2 fire tracks from Maroon 5 links. Following those links, I found this new dude Michael Buble’ who did a crazy nice cover of ‘Moondance’. I figured it was time to make a mixtape (I know, I know).

Just as I was ready to make those purchases, a Rhapsody banner ad popped up (I know, I know), and I thought it was a perfect time to check out their service again. I wasn’t disappointed. That’s why I’m writing.

Each of those new releases was in the Rhap library. Surprising,  I know. Moreover, as a subscriber to their service, you can download each of those titles and many more. In addition, I installed their app on my phone and found the browsing and listening experience as good as or even better than listening from my pc. Hmm. I downloaded 3 full albums and like 10 other tracks for $10. I was ready to pay more than that for just Tamia. Hmm, this is pretty good. I can’t complain.

ps – The Rhap app? I know, I know – but kinda cool, right.  😉