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Appreciating: Browser syncing across desktop and portables November 10, 2012

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I keep notes.  My notes have notes. Lol (but serious).  Lately, I find myself working on 3 different pc devices and leave notes on each of them.  I don’t sync them like I should, so they’re all over the place.   I’ve found that if I don’t have ‘Butter’ in a note somewhere on my phone when I go to the market, my daughter’s waffles are just going to have syrup. Blah, blah, blah – I needed a way to keep my notes easily on my phone no matter where they were authored.  Enter my mobile phone browser.

Luckily, I recalled that years ago I had a phone (with barely half the resources of an old XP machine) that could render some of the most popular pages.  It used Opera.  I checked and found that Opera was still in development, had both a desktop & mobile versions, and a sync feature where it would keep track of your browser history, form inputs, etc.  Woohoo!  I installed the mobile version on my Android, enabled the sync feature and… boom.  My notes and web history were consistent across multiple devices assuming I use Opera on each.  Now I can keep my notes together.  Nice.  Very nice.



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