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Experimenting: MiFi Phone September 30, 2012

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It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left this. But I did, and more importantly – I’m truly sorry that I left thinking of this. I need this. Let’s do it again.:-)

For MONTHS now, I’ve been pondering experimenting with using my portable wifi to make calls from my mobile. Well, I’m doing it now, and it hasn’t sucked completely – like a B+ so far. Here’s the deal…

I don’t really talk on my phone. I use it more like a PDA. Yeah, I said it -“PEE DEE AY!” 🙂 I use my phone to organize stuff and sometimes use it to talk, but I couldn’t find a service plan to fit that sort of use with my service provider. What’s worse is I got my daughter a phone using a different provider and found her plan was perfect for my needs, but my provider didn’t offer such a plan. Moreover, I liked my phone’s performance and didn’t want to buy yet another phone. So I started thinking about how I could get more web usage for my PDA-like needs without having to pay so much for voice minutes. That’s the deal and what prompted this experiement.

Right now, the experiment has been going pretty doggone well:

  • I was able to procure all of the hw & sw that I needed.
  • The price for the ongoing service costs affordable and about %75 less than what I was currently paying.
  • There were enough people to test things out with together.

The worst part so far was pretty predictable – call quality. Right now trying to make calls while I am in transit is pretty awful. I’m going to try to dig a little deeper into what control (if any) I can apply to improve that calling situation. I’ll be back to keep you posted. Stick around. 😉