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Make the next NBA mediation binding. Play ball. Please. October 23, 2011

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“This is a time for NBA negotiating, not ultimatums”:  http://articles.latimes.com/2011/sep/29/sports/la-sp-0930-elliott-nba-lockout-2-20110930

After all this ullbish, the mediation ended with ultimatums. The ultimatums came from the owners. As such, no thinking fan can believe the owners even intended to negotiate with the players in a way that showed them any respect. They are the owners. They own the players. There’s nothing to talk about. The master doesn’t negotiate with the slave. The idea of negotiating with your slave is ridiculous. Sometimes even to the slave… Sad.

But I disagree. I’m a fan. I’m a loyal fan. And I say…

The fans own the game. We will have the final say. Believe that.

Stop the ullbish. Make the mediation binding. And get back to playing the game at the level where it should be played. On the court. Play ball.

Please.  peace.



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