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Dirk Is In-Woohoo! June 15, 2011

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Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks for taking the title back to Texas.  You’ve got to go back over 30 years to find an NBA championship team from the Western Conference that also isn’t from Cali or Texas.  I guess you really shouldn’t mess with Texas.  I know I don’t.  Lol.

Congrats all around!

  • Congrats to Cuban!  Success never looked so good or so deserving on you.
  • Congrats to Carlisle!  You outcoached everyone, and it’s easy to forget it’s been a tough road for you too.
  • Congrats to Dirk!!!  You officially are NBA royalty.  I hope you wear it well.  It needs you BADLY! 
  • Congrats to the Jasons!  Long time coming.  Really happy for y’all.
  • Congrats to every other player & person in the Dallas organization!!! 

You are the champions, my friend.  You kept on fighting til the end. Congratulations!!! Enjoy – woohoo!!!!!!



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