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Sorry So Slow. Love Takes Time. May 13, 2011

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It’s inexcusable to have been gone so long.  I know this.  But I really, really, really have been trying to give a new relationship time to grow.  This is not an excuse.  It’s merely an explanation of where the time has been spent while trying to fall in love dating because date math can be tricky!  Lol.   Here are the details.

Before Sweetie, my normal weeknight home schedule after work schedule was open from 7p to 11p Mon, Tue & Thu.  That’s had to change.  I fought it for a while, but there is no way to really get close to someone and not spend time together with them – especially with families involved.

– Initially, the time was spent with dinners and talking|texting|Skyping late into the night.  Easily took 2 of the 3 free weeknight slots.  Easily.
– After a few months, it was, uh, more “grown up” encounters much, much later in the night when everyone else is normally asleep.  Easily took 2 of the 3 free weeknight slots.  Easily.  Well, easily is not the right word but you already know.  😉
– Now, our “real lives” are fighting back for the time lost and we’ve had to have hard discussions about how to manage the time so we can continue to deliver “after work” and still “have fun” together.  No easy task.  Time is unsubtly finite to the busy and infinite only to the idle.  But I digress.  Here’s how our date math works out after a late date night last night (Thu ):

  • 12:30a:  Sleep after 2nd job, Late Date Night drinks, and other things grown up.  🙂
  • 05:30a:  Wake up, rush home, get drawers out the laundry, check snail mail biz, ish, shower, dry off, log onto pc to check online biz & online social, get dressed
  • 06:55a:  Write this.
  • 07:35a:  Shave, groom and head to work.

It’s a rush job, but you can’t hurry love.  No, you’ll just have to wait.
Sorry so slow, but love takes time, and my priorities are straight.

peace.  🙂



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