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Compete|Entertain–> Breakeven. Compete & Entertain–> Make Money. !Compete & !Entertain–> Lose Money. What’s Broken Here? January 6, 2011

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This is a fantastic quote from a fantastic article from ESPN’s Henry Abbott explaining some of the difficulties small-market NBA franchises face in trying to stay profitable:

Between the leaguewide salary cap and the standards of excellence set by the Spurs and Jazz, it’s clear that efficiency is attainable in any market. And with the exception of once-a-decade free agents like Shaquille O’Neal or LeBron James, a fat checkbook isn’t the key to success. Teams must draft well, scout meticulously, and unearth diamonds in the rough.  –http://es.pn/fs7hI0

I’m a Philadelphia 76er supporter.  Have been since Julius Erving graced us all with his existence in shorts.  Well, Philly has s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e-d to be competitive and|or entertaining every since the glory years of Doc (and Cheeks, Moses, Jones, Toney, etc).  If not for Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson, PHL might not even have a team anymore.  Those 2 players were competitors and they had highly entertaining games!  It’s no wonder PHL has survived.  But now the article says lots of franchises are losing money.  I don’t think those losses are necessarily something they don’t control. Why? 

PHL banished Iverson to Turkey and then cried when the stands were empty. That’s not a phenomenon; that’s just bad business. Instead trying to learn to co-exist with and mature its younger, more swagger-ific players of the post-Jordan era, the NBA decided to kill ( aka banish) those high-flying, shucking & jiving problem children in the name of the Good Of The Game (aka corporate sponsorship). Now that the game is more conservative, where is the increase in corporate money? Is the game good now? What’s really good? Killing the unbridled styles of play appreciated by Generation X & Y was double-cross(over) where the NBA actually got played, and now they’re trying to play the players to make up for the losses. What’s really good indeed. This ish is dizzy dumb. 

Good luck shrinking to greatness NBA.  Tighten your sneaks though  That slope is slippery.