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WP7, If You Don’t Have Something Nice To Say… Wait Until You Do December 26, 2010

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I read this from a blogger’s article and felt some kind of way: 

“My many Windows Phone queries to Microsoft’s PR firm have largely gone unanswered, and I’ve had to re-ask and re-ask the same questions, finally just giving up in many cases out of frustration over the silence.” –http://www.windowsitpro.com/article/mobile-and-wireless2/Windows-Phone-7-Too-Big-to-Fail-/2.aspx

Good job, Microsoft. Stay out of potential blogosphere grapevine beef.  Go veggie.  Starve the grapevine.  But please, please since it’s the Xmas season, make these WP7 features your highest priority for its next release:

  • VB is the coding language de jour for WP7. Why? Thousands of developers will clamor to it, and thus WP7’s relevance will be instantly restored.
  • WP7 works on something other phones. It doesn’t matter what. Why? WP7 will get its sexy back because geeks will want to play with it (again).
  • WP7 works on some non-contract device for each major mobile carrier. Why? It’ll be easier to just go out and get a WP7 device. Some of your target customers are already bound to mobile carrier contracts. Getting out of those contracts and getting into new contracts is still a completely wack process for both consumers & mobile phone retailers.

Pretty please? Thanks in advance, Santa. 🙂



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