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NBA Basketball Is Too Black (Again) October 27, 2010

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I read this wonderful article by True Hoop contributor, Zach Harper, and immediately smelled the same funk coming out of the NBA summer rule book this year as I had last year:  Players can’t talk about techs, but we can.

I don’t know that I necessarily agree with the actual policy the league is implementing, but I do know I can respect the spirit behind it.

Game 7 of the LAL vs BOS series saw bball tv popularity reach levels not seen since #23 torched Utah for his second three-peat.  So why more behavior policing – now?  I think NBA Basketball is still too Black.  Again. The only reason these behavior policing policies on millionaires is acceptable to even the most common of us is because we believe we’re watching savages make more money than us and we want to tighten the leash on them. It’s easy to forget these are rich, powerful, adult men, isn’t it?

Another question(s): With all these "Good of the Game" policies being introduced (ironically as punishments), shouldn’t there be some measurable positive impact on the game that comes along with the policy’s introduction? Meaning, if a politician raises your taxes then he typically has to justify what’s he’s trying to pay and why paying that is better for you than you keeping your money – right? Well, what bill is the NBA trying to pay? Who said the current bill was too high? And finally, do you ever get your money (freedom) back?

Doesn’t really matter though. Us Blacks won’t do anything about it anyway.



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