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You Have To Respect Who You Follow, Not Just Like Them. September 19, 2010

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A lot is being made of Lebron’s decline in popularity – and rightly so; his current endorsement portfolio is probably going to take a hit after “The Decision”:

THE KING’S Q SCORE TUMBLE (by the great, indefatigable Sekou Smith)

Great, great data and a great, great article, but I’d gamble there is life after The Decision.  A Q score decline doesn’t necessarily translate into a decrease in marketability. Kobe’s jersey and shoe sales are typically the highest in the league, yet Kobe typically is the most hated personality in the NBA. Plus, I’d also be surprised if anyone in the NBA had more endorsement deal income than Kobe. Bottom Line – I think fans are more keen to spend on a player they respect professionally, not just on the ones they “like” the most. Lebron just needs to reclaim his professional respect by sharpening his skills and showing us how committed he is to being a pro. Fans respect Kobe because he’s generally seen as the most skillful professional basketball on the planet. Kobe is the consummate pro; the best of the best. People buy that – whether they like you or not. Once LBJ averages a triple-double, we’ll all jump back on his bozack. Bet! 🙂



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