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Is Doc Rivers Outcoaching Phil Jackson? June 13, 2010

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I know the series is ties 2-2, but I think LA’s game success plan is too dependent on Bynum, too incapable of fixing Artest’s shooting woes and too complacent with Odom’s lack of productivity. I’d gamble Jackson is going to blame players if LA loses and fans are going to accept it because it’s Jackson – just like in 2008 when LAK lost to BOS. I believe Jackson hasn’t displayed any contingencies in game plans for when things are NOT going according to plan. At his professional level and in my opinion, that’s shocking – and certainly not true of Doc Rivers. Having no game plan contingencies was the Achilles heel of Mike Brown and look what it got him – after having the best record in the league. Great coaches at this level can fix it on the fly.

Letting Ray try to "shoot his way out" of the slump he was having was costly, but that’s also the reason I am praising Doc. BOS is going to need Ray again in this series. If Doc benches Ray while he is still IN his slump, the likelihood of getting needed productivity out of him later shrinks. Doc gave Ray a chance to fix it and Ray failed. It’s unfortunate but a far better risk than benching him – in my opinion. Plus, it’s just one game. Odom & Artest have been in their own slumps the entire series, not just one game. I think it’s shocking that LA hasn’t tried a different offense or at least basic Pick & Roll to try to get them easier shots. I luv The Triangle but it doesn’t seem to be working to get LA good shots at times in this series

I’m going to try to find some stats to support this!  🙂



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