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I Should Have Known It Really Was All About The Music September 7, 2009

Posted by geek-ish.com in Tech.

Not the device.  Feeling kinda duped about this:

6a00d8341c505253ef011571215ee2970c-800wiWhile we are waiting for September 15 and the availability of the Zune HD, there is some bad news to report in regards to the impending death of all other Zune models.
According to Paul Thurrott, the Zune HD is going to emerge and in turn kill off all other models of the Zune.
"I met with the Zune folks today and one bit of information than I can discuss immediately is that the Zune HD will be the only device type going forward: The current Zune models, the Zune 8, 16 80, and 120, have all been discontinued." – http://www.cliczune.com/2009/09/say-it-isnt-so-all-zune-models-except-the-zune-hd-will-be-killed-off.html

When Microsoft’s focus switched to the Zune Pass (which is a GREAT product), from the Zune itself, it was only a matter of time before the Zune itself went on life support.  Microsoft has refocused on Windows Mobile now.  Apparently, Windows Mobile is the platform getting all the Zune Pass love now.  I had been holding out in hopes of a Zune Phone.  Hope abandoned.  Microsoft is making a risky choice.  The iPhone & iTunes stand alone as the best phone+music solution from a single provider now.  Plus, Napster is weak, not dead.  Best Buy owns them now.  AND Napster is still bigger than every other online music AND still offers the cheapest subscriptions AND is compatible with a ton of popular PMP’s already.  Risky.  I’m betting new Napster commercials start showing up any day now… 

Be warned:  Don’t use your real plastic to sign up for Napster.  Use a prepaid and do not use your real SSN.  Their customer service was INCREDIBLY bad when I tried to unsubscribe:

  • They kept charging me for months after I cancelled. 
  • They kept me on hold for over an hour. 
  • They never sent me my free player.

(sigh)  Who needs the hassle.  Where’s the closest AT&T store?  Or should I wait for Verizon?



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