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Why I Don’t Facebook September 5, 2009

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I Facebooked for about 2 weeks and decided it wasn’t for me.  Here are my Top 5 reasons:
    5 – "Facebook treads too closely against the ‘Don’t Be Evil’ line big-brother media giants shouldn’t cross."  EPCHoops(church basketball league), beatboxing, National Junior Classical League members, hip hop enthusiasts (poppin at The Alley), Hampton University, US Navy, Spades players, Boy Scouts, high school.  I’m lucky to be into fun diverse groups.  I appreciate that they ALL seem to be Facebooking and sending requests, but the first friend to invite me to create an account never really invited me.  BJackson (that’s right, I’m calling you out!) made a request I felt like I couldn’t refuse.  Turns out later, she never personally made the request.  Facebook had crawled through one of her address books, found my email address, matched it against others Facebookers address books and automatically sent me an invite using her name although she never even knew I had received the request from her.  Not cool.  Very not cool.  I was turned off from Facebook after I found out how they were adding members like that.
    4 – "Baby pictures & trip shares are only cool for about  a week, maybe less if there’s no love.  Lol."  I’ve been sharing pictures of Ni since forever.  I still take tons of pics & video of her weekly.  I’m betting no one reading this has missed not getting their weekly dose of Proud Papa Ti.  Lol.  Now I just send the headlines and not all of those either.  If you want to see Ni’s scanned reports cards or visits to Charlon’s (her hairdresser), come to dinner at the house.  I’m cooking in person for my friends.
    3 – "I’ve got friends who would NEVER be friends of each other."  I’ve got married friends who are execs and think making it rain on Saturday night til 4am is innocent and necessary to stay happily married; and I’ve got single parent friends who cry broke and are in church by 6am every Sunday.  The difference in those 2 hours is like 2 million miles of life separation.  I think they’re both crazy, but what I also know is they both have pictures to share Sunday on Facebook.  And I get tired of explaining to one group why I love the other and how they ain’t going to change that.  It was my life before Facebook.  I have always tired of refereeing nerds & jocks and other seemingly demographically contrasted groups.  I don’t need to get a new whistle because of Facebook.  "Thanks, but no thanks".  
    2 – "There is a real difference to me between friends and associates."  I respect my associates but I cherish my friends.  Those two terms are  distinctly different to me.  I’d like to keep it that way, but Facebook doesn’t make that possible.  If I list you as a friend publicly online, we should at least be friendly in person.  I don’t think that’s always true with Facebook.
    1 – “Stalkers”.  Nuff said.   
    More reasons here:  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/30/magazine/30FOB-medium-t.html?partner=rss&emc=rss



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