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Flag Offensive Yahoo Hearts! Participants June 28, 2009

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At times when I have 5-10 minute to pass or to take my mind off some other task, I play Yahoo Hearts!. There’s nothing worse than playing at a Hearts! table with a genius who uses that 5-10 minutes to curse out, stall or make the 5-10 minutes of fun become 15-30 minutes of foolishness and unnecessary drama. Recently I was unfortunate to get stuck in a game with one such genius, but I got lucky when I learned that another player at the Table knew a thing or two about software, and Java in particular. We exchanged contact info and started talking about how relatively simple it would be for the existing Hearts! table user interface to be augmented to:

  • Allow players at a table to flag other participants at the table who displayed unwelcome behavior and
  • Track the number of tables that player has been flagged.

Since our brainstorming, mock-ups have been made and an online petition has been started. The mock-ups are attached to this entry and the online petition was submitted at PetitionOnline.com. I don’t have the URL for the petition yet, but I’ll update this post when I do. The petition will used to support an enhancement request to implement the Flagging feature. It will be interesting to see how this develops. 🙂