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Zune List: “Fatals (Fems)” December 20, 2008

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Sad to say, I caught myself on the way home from an office party in the Explorer not only singing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies(Put A Ring On It)” but also doing the little hand thing she does in the video:

I know, I know – I’m losing stripes; but you’ve GOT to admit the song is inescapably catchy.  And since I’m confessing, I might as well take it one step further…  I actually bought Jazmine Sullivan’s “Bust Your Windows”.  I know, I know – but ditto.  It’s XY sacrilege to even acknowledge these records much less actually BUY them.  I know – but you can’t deny Jazmine Sullivan’s voice is the truth:

Since I was feeling so Oprah-ish, I figured why stop there.  I decided to make a playlist of irresistible, man-killer music:

Songs for Thelma & Louise

Songs for Thelma & Louise

TODO = [1]Re-rip “Jagged Little Pill”
TODO = [2]Get XYClub uniform tailored



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