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iRobot Attacks. Press Reset. Change Cartridge. December 5, 2008

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The iRobot quip got quite a response (but no comments), so I feel compelled just this once to “expound” on my remarks.  First things first though, this blog is not a place where I post my opinions just to invite jousts from contrary opinions.  While I enjoy jousting, I have no intention or possibilities of giving tons of time for online exchanges.  You might think I’m geek-ish, but I do have a real life that regularly includes daddy duties, dinner plans, a gym membership, charitable|volunteer activities, civic association duties (i.e. the fire), and tons of other things.  Updating a blog for more than 5 minutes will not likely ever make my Top Ten Daily Todo List.  But just because I don’t commit myself to blog jousting doesn’t mean you can’t.  Leave a comment.  You don’t have to email me or stop me in the gym or even call me to joust about a blog entry of mine.  Leave a comment and I’m sure others will gladly engage your joust lust.  I’m just not one of them.  I only say this now because I haven’t said it before.  I don’t anticipate saying it again.  Nuff said. With that said…

I didn’t think the iRobot barb was out-of-bounds.  I started the entry calling myself a Microsoftie.  I’ve called myself more flattering names.

I don’t expect the Zune to “catch on”.  I’m pretty sure the market for portable media players is mature.  I don’t expect there will soon again be tons of consumers rushing to buy players.  As such, I don’t think any player will take iPod’s position as the leader and standard for the market.  And I really don’t care.  Market share and popularity are Apple and Microsoft’s worry, not mine.  I’m just a consumer.  I worry about about getting the most for my money, not popularity, hype or cool (well, sometimes :-)).  I bought my Zune after a fairly detailed comparison of price & features against other players including the iPod.  Again, the comparison (at that time) of price & features was a no brainer.  If you’re interested, I still have some of the notes.  We can joust about my notes over dinner.  You’re buying.

I’m not “blindly loyal” to Microsoft.  Lol.  The idea of that is genuinely funny to me.  What I am is unruffled by the PR attacks Microsoft seems to be embattled in lately.  Microsoft has made products that provide considerable utility for my life (personal & professional) and they have been at it for a good portion of my life.  As such, I believe they have earned my trust as a consumer.  It will take more than a few commercials and Vista to ruin that (although Vista has personally caused me real professional hades!).  I don’t work for Microsoft.  My Zune wasn’t free.  My consumer loyalty is still blindly held hostage by my wallet.  If you work for a living, I imagine the rules are the same for you too.  If I’m wrong, teach me better over dinner.  I’ll buy (expect coupons).

Cool?  Cool.  Bye.

ps – this entry is being submitted while I wait (and worry) for my Explorer to finish being lubed so I can take care of some medical, family issues aka during Real Life.  Avoiding bad news from mechanics is likely #4 on my Top Ten Daily Todo List.



1. Glenn Ingersoll - December 8, 2008

Don’t know if it matters to you or not, but this post was copied to another blog. I’m betting it was without your permission. The blog http://longing-for-revival.blogspot.c (I’m taking the “om” off the end so this doesn’t take casual visitors to the blog) appears to be a spam blog. Your iRobot post appears there as the Friday Dec 5 post.

2. Ti Brown - December 8, 2008

Thanks for the heads-up about the theft, Glenn. I certainly didn’t authorize the reuse. I’ve found steps I can take to have it removed, but right now it’s no biggie. Maybe later. In any case, I genuinely appreciate your alert. Thanks again.

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