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Microsoft Sticks By Their Products December 4, 2008

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I’m a Microsoftie if for no reason other than I’ve seen them be going in the right direction with a product, but the product doesn’t catch on (aka become popular); yet in spite of that, they stick behind the product because it’s going in the right direction.  That’s a tough value for a company|business to stay true to.  I like tough companies.  I’m a Microsoftie.  With that said, I’m also a 1st generation Zuner.  I know, I know – it hasn’t caught on.  But as a music LOVER who felt like it was time to buy a decent portable player over a year ago, a comparison between Microsoft’s Zune and every other product available at the time was (and probably still is) a no-brainer.  The Zune was cheaper, more feature-rich than any of its competitors, and its companion software offered a subscription model.  Honestly, the decision wasn’t even tough; although it was challenged ad nauseum by everybody.  I found the elite iRobots were particularly offended.  Lol.  Whatever.

In any case, it seems Microsoft is really focusing on both the music relationship & the device for its Zuners:

Zune sends free playlist downloads via email

Zune sends free playlist downloads via email

I just found a link in an email from Zunes that gave me a list of free Xmas music to download, and free is my favorite price!  Although I would have assumed I would NEVER add a Clay Aiken Xmas song to my library (regardless of the price), that song was actually not so bad (nor were any of the rest); and it was really nice to have the free choice anyway.  WTG, Microsoft!



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