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“This is the business we’ve choosen!” November 27, 2008

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Mike D’A & the Knicks brass started this mess by not playing a capable, ready talent because “he was not in their plans”.  Now that they’re shorthanded, suddenly the rules for playing him have changed:

Choosing to not play him because “he was not in their plans” was a ratty strategy in Mike D’A & the Knicks brass’ ratty game of hardball with Steph just so the Knicks can chase LeBron in 2010.  The ratty strategy is backfiring.  Now they will have to pay the piper.

I think this sort of foolishness is the stuff that creates the unprofessional stereotypes that haunt the NBA game publicly.  Steph showed up ready to work.  The Knicks started playing mind games by concocting a reason to not play him, in spite of his being ready to work.  When they chose to not play him for any reason other than his performance or capabilities, they should have ended their professional relationship with him.  They let the money get in the way of their professionalism.   It’s unfortunate the money came in the way, but Steph’s signature isn’t the only one on his contract.  The Knicks have an obligation too.  Pay him.  Release him.  And move on with “your plans” for the future.



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