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Looks Are Deceiving… April 13, 2017

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i’m a SERIOUS fan of Stephen A & the NBA, but this argument that floats about a notion that the game seems to be lacking a competitive edge… nah. every single playoff matchup is even (W-L), every single matchup (2017 regular season head-to-head matchup outcome snapshots below).

moreover, the argument is strong in identifying strongly differing talent-sets in each star player in the Game, but blame the rosters & the schemes, not the individuals. no one player has ever won the chip alone. none, never happened. the players on the rosters that can compete for the chip, in fact DO compete for it – and aggressively. it just seems otherwise to us.


RE: Kobe Bryant Says He Was an ‘Idiot’ During Feud With Shaquille O’Neal August 30, 2015

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Losing that 4th (in-a-row) ring cost Shaq his extension, like a bad bet placed on whether or not the Lakers could challenge the Bulls, MJ dynasty excellence. With that loss, the Lakers didn’t want to pay Shaq for the extension he wanted – and the mind games that had ensued during the season began to roar with the only outcome being to pay only 1 of those 2 in LA. Period. We fans and media junkies were dumb and speculative about it then (not all of us), no reason to stay dumb now. That lack of payment to Shaq publicly unleashed the common PR media strategy of “Who’s The Man in LA” rhetoric that Dwight and other stars now skip like hopscotch, and it’s making that Shaq extension money look like peanuts compared to what it’s costing the Lakers now. How so? Opportunity costs. Imagine if the mind games quell after the Lakers win the 4th title:

  • Kobe might have 6 rings to match MJ’s six yet he (Kobe) would stand alone at having won 4 in-a-row. As such, Kobe might be able to trump MJ in the GOAT convo – fairly.
  • Shaq exits rightly with pride instead of angst.
  • Dwight enters rightly with inspiration instead of angst.
  • Kobe is undoubtedly The Man of the era, and
  • LAK’s rebuilding process is as excellently invisible as we have all been spoiled to expect out of LAK brass for years.

Now ask yourself… how much did that extension really cost?

It’s always money when there’s dumb ish happening. Always.

WebDev: Tables are not layout controls May 21, 2015

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I spent a good bit of time trying to reverse a page that had its vertical and horizontal alignment being managed using divs such that when I tried to change some of the content, the entire page layout was altered. What the…  Who the…  Impossible! I’d have been DESTROYED for making a design choice like this! Wait a minute… this is my page.


I had this page designed like 7 years ago (pre-mobile, pre-tablet, etc.) when I was working on converting image files (PSD) to HTML and now remember having the divs implemented as methods for dealing with the PSD layers; but didn’t think much then about how adversely that design choice might affect other platforms.  I wanted a layout control method for handling the problem with divs aligning vertically & horizontally when the content changes.  As it is designed now, there are “box” classes that house each “cell’s” content and when a box’s content changes, all tangent boxes adjust too – in no ordered manner. To me, that’s an awful design choice.  I thought a table would force the alignment in an ordered, consistent manner, regardless of the content. In Windows development, there is a StackPanel control that can be tasked with managing those vertical & horizontal changes:  https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms752328(v=vs.110).aspx .  I thought a table would handle that alignment task just fine in HTML but wanted a more experienced implementation opinion. After some chatter with a bunch of 10+-years-in, experienced developers, I got their gist which was, “Use divs.” But I was still grr about that, until I found this:

“If your document needs to present tabular data, then the appropriate tag would be
. If you place navigation into a table however, then you’re misusing the intended purpose of the
element. In the second case, you’re not presenting tabular data — you’re (mis)using the
element to achieve a presentational goal.” 

Sep 16 ’08 at 18:31  Carl Camera

Tables are not layout controls.

Thank you!

Virtu2! Wrong fix works(!) for VBox err: Cannot register the hard disk because a hard disk with uuid already exists April 7, 2015

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*** Caveat: This may be wrong for you but worked like a charm for me! Just saying. ***

Issue:  This error is thrown when trying to reuse a vm-orphaned VBox vhd with a new vm:  “Cannot register the hard disk because a hard disk with uuid already exists“.

Cause(me, unsupported) It seems the vhd uuid is uniquely registered to a specific, orphaned vm and trying to reuse this vhd without removing that orphaned registration entry causes an erroneous duplication in the vm registry.

Fix:  (me, unsupported)  Crack the vhd (Notepad works) and replace the duplicate uuid with a new, unregistered uuid. No guarantees, but again, it worked swell for me.


DetailsToo often, I blow up a vbox vm config but still need its vhd to use with a new vbox config.  Good luck. Trying to reuse the vhd with a new config very often results in an error containing a message like this:  ‘Cannot register the hard disk because a hard disk with uuid already exists‘. I searched for similar experiences online and found this right answer here:  https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14976.  After a lil investigation of the vhd itself (using Notepad), I found the uuid in question and replaced the duplicate uuid with a new guid using this service:  https://guidgenerator.com/. I realize this could not be the right answer for you, but it worked like a mug for me.

HTH, but comment or buzz me if you have something to add:  ti55@yahoo.com.


Q: What did the C# developer say to the C developer complaining about C++? March 11, 2015

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Supporters argue that C++ provides a fine mix of C’s low-level aspects (looking at the compiled assembly code, etc.) while providing higher-level attributes found in today’s modern languages. Early in its development, C++ featured a standard template library (STL) with template classes such as vectors and maps, which allows for a certain level of generic programming. The STL allowed programmers to focus on applications-level tasks without having to write their own linked lists and other data structures every time.


A:  Next.

JustBuildItAlready Notes: “Step 1 – Start with the screens.” Whiskey then Tango then F# January 6, 2015

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The screens? Start with the screens? You’ve got to be kidding me! You mean it might be valuable to share a visual interpretation of the thing you’re going to build with stakeholders to attempt to foster their engagement in design discussions and collaborative conjecture before you actually start building it? That works?!

Who knew.

Let’s call the whole thing – software December 11, 2014

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Great article here sneakily about software quality, lifecycle development (over time) versus consumption that poses a question that used to make me crazy about how to write “good” software:  http://pressupinc.com/blog/2014/12/bad-software-succeeds/

The way out of bad software is deep alignment at all levels and from all stakeholders about what a given piece of software is looking to accomplish, who it will benefit, and what a “good” version of that software will be. When it’s reached that vision, everyone ends up thinking it’s good, not just the most important and powerful stakeholder whose vision is realized.

Sounds philosophical to me. And philosophers used to make me crazy. But now I’m just used to being crazy about whatever I like.  That’s my point.  Better said as a Q/A? Maybe.

  1. Q:  Why did nerds who had active blogs and were sharing their post and pics using it sign up for Facebook accounts? Or Live Space, Yahoo 360, and Blogger accounts, for that matter?
  2. (For music enthusiasts):
    #1 – An orchestra makes an album of fantastic classical music…
    #2- A kid buys FrootLoops or AutoTuneLoops or FruitPebbles or whatever recording app, makes a synth&bass tune and a catchy dance that Mickey Mouse does with Chuck E Cheese all on YouTube…
    Q: Which makes a sound in the forest when it drops?
  3. Q:  Finally, which do you like?  Did you buy that?

A: It’s relative. Tomato, potato either one you don’t like. Woohoo!  I guess.

Then again, I’m just an inmate in this makeshift asylum trying to run things.
And this is a wordpress blog. x,-D

– -Code monkey December 6, 2014

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“King Kong ain’t got stuff on me!”, said Curious George to the man in the orangutan hat. 🙂

Analyze this. No code monkey!

Q: We have all this data, now what? December 6, 2014

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A:  “Happy Birthday!”


I wanted to post this great article about there being no clear intent for having all this data available nor how to use it – more for keepsake than anything.  It might be that demand will dictate exactly what is needed and in that process will be born – something you couldn’t have predicted anyway.

Just build it.

My Digital Heart On My Sleeve – for real. December 5, 2014

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Fitness bands, smart watches, Bluetooth heart rate monitor watches, etc? Might be something to this.

Fit tech stuff